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Are you a parent looking for work/life balance?


Children are a new parent's priority. Financial burdens and the desire for more family time are often stressors within working families. A career in massage therapy allows parents to keep their children at the forefront, while providing financially for their families and experiencing a rewarding career.


Allowing for flexible scheduling of work time. Well-suited for mothers, a career in massage offers:


  • Flexibility—Scheduling of clients is completely customizable. This allows you to work around your families schedules for ample family time.

  • Beat the 40 hour work week – Earn a comfortable income without taking too much time from your family.

  • Options – you choose where to work. Work for someone else or start your own business.

  • Entrepreneurial opportunity - Affords you the opportunity to own your own business and have private clients with limited initial cost.

  • Skills that you can use not only on clients, but also to help family, friends and loved ones.

  • Relaxing work environment


Why NJSOM is the best place to start:


  • Day Classes- 7 months to complete

  • Evening Classes -11 months to complete

  • Classes available via SKYPE for added convenience

  • NJ State Certified Training in Swedish, Sports, Spa, Cancer, Prenatal, Body Wrap and Medical Massage, and more

  • Low tuition rate

  • No-Interest monthly payment plan

  • Free individual tutoring

  • Assistance with job placement


Most importantly, we provide personal attention to optimize your training. We love seeing our students succeed! Additionally, the staff at NJSOM understands the need for flexibility and will, whenever possible, try to accommodate any scheduling needs during your training.