Retiree New Career in Massage Therapy

Are you retired or soon to be retired?


Have you considered what you would like to do with your newfound time?


Retirement doesn’t mean becoming inactive or only volunteering your time. Massage Therapy balances the rewards of volunteering with the need for additional income and desire to remain active. 


A career in massage therapy:


  • Gives you the skills to comfort someone through debilitating illness, cancer, hospice care. These situations often require a low pressure, gentle touch (love touch)– ideal for therapist starting later in life.

  • Keeps you active socially. Therapists work with children, young adults, seniors…

  • Become an asset to the family, friends and medical team of your clients.

  • Provide therapy and comfort to the caregivers of those experiencing illness

  • Unfortunately many of the elderly are isolated and lack visitors/contact. You can fill that gap for them.

  • Personal gratification that you are making a difference. And providing comfort and companionship.

  • Start your own business.

  • Serve the community or local corporations with chair massage.

  • Flexible scheduling

  • Additional income

  • Relaxing career


Still working? See “Supplemental Career” page to learn more about practicing massage therapy as a side job.


Why NJSOM is the best place to start:


  • Day Classes - 7 months to complete

  • Evening Classes -11 months to complete

  • Classes available via SKYPE for added convenience

  • NJ State Certified Training in Swedish, Sports, Spa, Cancer, Prenatal, Geriatric and Medical Massage and more…

  • Low tuition rate

  • Free individual tutoring

  • Assistance with job placement

  • No-Interest monthly payment plan

  • Learn anatomy and physiology in a pleasant family atmosphere with free individualized tutoring


Going back to school later in life can seem intimidating, but NJSOM will walk you through it and accommodate any needs you may have. This is the time to try something new!