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“Not only am I getting the expertise and knowledge….but I’m also getting the care and instruction to help me be my very best for when I graduate…”

-- Patti W.

"My experience at NJ School of Massage was second to none. I'm so glad I did my massage schooling there and met all the wonderful people in this school. The owner, Alice Marin is super knowledgeable, experienced and compassionate. I am now out in the world, making a very good living with the skills I learned and I couldn't be more proud and thankful for my schooling at NJ School of Massage! Thank you to all!"

                                                                    Alexis R.                                   

                                                      Lindsey T.


"Being a student at NJSOM is such an integrative experience. The collaboration between the instructors and students provided me with such a great learning environment, which sets this school apart from the rest. I also received a great deal of individual attention. Alice, as the owner, has a very evident passion for ensuring that all of her students succeed and do well, both academically and clinically."

                                                    Linda M. 


"Thank you so much, New Jersey School of Massage! The wealth of knowledge that I graduated with has enabled me to own and grow a thriving business."

"Being an older worker changing careers isn’t easy. I found that Alice’s words were the school’s philosophy. She and the staff have exceeded all my expectations. I loved the fact that, from the start, we were given “hands on” training. I am so excited about embarking on this new phase of my life and so very thankful to Alice and the faculty."

                                                      Shari Z.



"I suggest to anyone with an interest in body mechanics and anatomy to learn about massage therapy at NJSOM. Alice and Tanner are both excellent teachers who motivated me to become more aware of the importance of massage and its overall benefit to health and well-being. Excellent school!"

                                                      Mark L.


"NJ School of Massage has a supportive, nurturing environment. The teachers are devoted and so talented. I love my new career choice."


                                                   Judy A.


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